A Bad Week

I’m a medical cannabis patient. It is the only medication that hasn’t left me with debilitating side-effects. The biggest problem is unreliable supply. IMG_20140528_082430Why do I have an unreliable supply? Because I can’t afford the retail prices for my medication

I am disabled, my only income is disability retirement insurance, which barely covers my general expenses and it NEVER covers the entire cost of my medication for a month.

What happens then?

Baby kitteh and Athena nose )When I don’t have medicine, my brain starts in panicking. The anxiety gets 100000% worse. Now I have an additional thing to feel anxious about.

This week running out came at the worse time it could come all year.

I want to escape from life this week. The week of Father’s Day, the week of my first son’s birthday. All triggers. It’s a week of triggers.

A week best spent in bed, away from ALL people and ALL input.

Sometimes, I HATE my life.

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