Hershel Walker Needs Help

There aren’t many public figures who have come out about their diagnoses of Dissociative Identity Disorder, but I’m considering starting a series here about those who have.

Our first subject is Hershel Walker.

Mr. Walker is a person in Georgia running for a political office who is a former football player.

Hershel Walker authored a book in 2008 with Gary Brozek and Charleen Maxfield called, “Breaking Free: My life with Dissociative identity disorder.”

Walker’s therapist, Jerry Mungadze, a licensed counselor in Texas with a history of embracing practices that experts in the field say are outside the mainstream, wrote a forward for that book.

Dr. Mungadze, his therapist that diagnosed him, is apparently no longer treating him and from all accounts Walker doesn’t admit to being in any current treatment for his DID.

When Walker was diagnosed, he was fantasizing about unaliving someone who was late delivering a car he had purchased while speeding around Dallas and hearing voices.

Walker’s diagnosing therapist, Dr. Jerry Mungadze, considers himself an expert in Dissociative Identity Disorder. His professional and academic writings focus on the occult and exorcism, reffering to dissociation as demonization.

In 2014, Dr. Mungadze was featured in a British documentary as a practitioner of conversion therapy to change gender identity and orientations of LGBTQIA people.

In the years after Walker’s supposed cure from his therapist, he has been in multiple legal interactions that are well-documented, but he denies.

There are many gaps in his memory, but that’s common in anyone with DID. You should interview the personality that was fronting when he did those things.

Chances are, he still doesn’t know that alter exists.

Just like co-consciousness can exist between some personalities, there is a severe amnesia between others.

He is a friend of a certain orange ex president. That means he probably has a personality that is going to mimic everything he needs of the other person, to feel the least amount of cognitive dissonance possible when they are together.

Cognitive Dissonance is that feeling of uncomfortability in where you are and what you are doing compared to what you belive.

Some people think that a large amount of cognitive can help create alters in a person who has Complex PTSD. The overwhelming need to feel accepted.

Walker stated in his book that they identified around a dozen alters.

12 possible alters of Hershel Walker;

Baby Daddy
Baby Un-daddy (complete with a box of get well soon cards)
Aggressive partner,
Aggressive un-partner

So, what happens when Mr. Politician gets elected, but Baby Un-Daddy and angry un-partner switch forward?

DID doesn’t pray away. And the methods of his supposed treatment are suspect by any known standards.

DID is NOT demonic possession.

Mr. Hershel Walker,
Having delusions about your own authority is a common occurrence in DID and it needs immediate and intensive treatment.

As a fellow patient with Dissociative identity disorder, I wish you well.

Part 1 of the video of this post
Part 2

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