Religious Dysphoria

Have you ever entered your body to find it performing religious practices that offend your very soul?

No? Well, you may not deal with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) then.

In September 2021, a few alters who have been primary in the past, in the MyMEs system, came forward to take over as the “Maggie” alter suffered a psychic blow. Maggie had discovered the literary agent and contract she signed were all a sham.

Unfortunately, the person who conducted the fraud against our system had also become an integral part of our friend structure and daily life. When they were removed, Maggie stopped fronting completely for several months.

Maggie’s absence first caused a bit of a shuffle for the front. Ellie, an alter born of trauma in 2016 came front first and decided to eliminate one of the sources of continuing trauma and pain as well as shame, our membership in the Mormon church.

Who is writing this? Many of us. For the most part the alters fronting are Marti and Ellie.

Since leaving the Mormon church, we have started the process of recovery and healing from the shame we had started to internalize.

We are still processing, but we know that we entered membership in that church because we felt ashamed of an adulterous relationship nine years ago. The time for shame is over now. And we are returning to a platform of self-acceptance and love.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.


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